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Giorgia Colombo Architetto was established in Rome in 2016. The practice’s work, developed in Italy and abroad, includes both private and public commissions with a focus on cultural, residential, and civic buildings.

The studio is interested in exploring the relation between architecture and its environment and all the projects are deeply sensitive to the specific conditions of the site in which they are built. The design process finds its complexity in the essentiality of the forms, with a strong focus on materials and construction details.

The practice is always seeking for new sources of inspiration and is committed to the educational and social value of architecture.


Born in Rome in 1989, Giorgia Colombo studied Architecture at Roma Tre University, at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris la Villette and at the Polytechnic University of Milan, where she obtained her Master’s degree. After graduating, she collaborated with the Politecnico di Milano as a teaching assistant in several workshops and design classes.

In 20212 - 2014 she worked as an architectural assistant with the firms Scandurra Studio (Milan) and Stella Richter+Ochoa (Rome). In 2016 she joined as a freelance architect the studio Lamberto Rossi Associati (Milan) and in 2017 she moved to London where she collaborated with the firms Brooksbank & Collins, Allies and Morrison and Haworth Tompkins.

Back to Italy in 2021 she continued working as a self-employed architect, teaming up with the firm Grazzini Tonazzini. She designed several apartments and houses and took part in many national and international competitions were she got various prizes and honourable mentions.

She is particularly interested in architectural research and in the field of exhibition design. In 2017 she participated to the advanced training course “Esporre” organised by the museum MAXXI (Rome) and in 2022 she got the II Level Master Degree “Museo Italia-Allestimento e museografia” from the University of Florence.


MAXXI NXT Pavilion, Italy 2024 – 1st prize

Elsa Morante School, Marino, Italy 2023 - 1st prize

Cabeço da Bola Housing, Lisbon, Portugal 2023 - 3rd prize

Amatrice Cultural Centre, Amatrice, Italy 2023 - 4th prize

Giavera Parish Centre, Treviso, Italy 2023 - 2nd prize

Mayukwayukwa Refugee Camp, Kaoma, Zambia 2023 - Shortlisted

Piazza Cairoli, Velletri, Italy 2023 - 2nd prize

Rione Monti Civic Centre, Rome, Italy 2023 - 3rd prize

Orsini Ottoboni Castle, Fiano Romano, Italy 2022 - 1st prize

ANCE House, Rome, Italy 2022 - Shortlisted

Casale delle Vignacce, Rome, Italy 2022 - 1st prize

Rua da Verónica Housing, Lisbon, Portugal 2022 - 2nd prize

Vittorio Veneto Cloister, Forte dei Marmi, Italy 2022 - Shortlisted

Sessa Aurunca Cathedral, Caserta, Italy 2022 - 2nd prize

Belluno Cathedral, Belluno, Italy 2021 - 2nd prize

Museo del Novecento, Milan, Italy 2021 - 6th prize

Montalcino Civic Centre, Montalcino, Italy 2020 - 1st prize

Castle Resort, Roccamandolfi, Italy 2017 - Honorable mention


Premio Barbara Capocchin, Italy 2024 - Honorable mention
Premio Carlotta x Architettura, Italy 2024 - Best Architecture YA
Archdaily Building of the Year, Italy 2024 - Selected project
ANCE Venice Biennale, Italy 2023 - Honorable mention
Inarch Toscana, Italy 2023 - Honorable mention


Roma Novissima, Rome, Italy 2023

Architects meet in Selinunte, Selinunte, Italy 2023

Farnocchia Chapel, Stazzema, Italy 2023

Velletri Town Hall, Velletri, Italy 2023

Orsini Ottoboni Castle, Fiano Romano, Italy 2023

Extra Moenia, Mesia Space, Rome, Italy 2022

Ronchi Villa, Massa, Italy 2022

Arginvecchio Pavilion, Camaiore, Italy 2022

St. Agostino Cloister, Montalcino, Italy 2022

Museo del Novecento, Milan, Italy 2021

Riformare Milano, Polytechnic University, Milan, Italy 2015

Saul Steinberg, Polytechnic University, Milan, Italy 2015

Lectures and publications

Ronchi Villa, Elledecor, Italy 2024
Ronchi Villa, Artribune, Italy 2024

Orsini Ottoboni Castle, Area 187 Supernatural, Italy 2023

Sequenze, IED, Rome, Italy 2023


Grazzini Tonazzini

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